Simple Tips For Easing Moving Day Stress

Many people find the process of preparing for a move to be overwhelming, but completely lose sight of the things that they can do on moving day to help make things easier. If you are getting ready to move, the sooner you prep the actual moving day and have a plan of action, the smoother the entire process is going to go for you. Here are some things you should consider as you approach the big day.

Leaving Your Current Place

When you get up on moving day, it's time to get all of the last-minute stuff wrapped up. Start by putting any final things into your "day of" box, which is the box that keeps all of the necessities, like medications, cell phone chargers, and toiletries. Make sure you have everything you'll need so nothing gets left behind.

Take time to get all of the kids, pets, and plants taken care of first and foremost. Ensure that your children have anything they're going to want to keep with them, such as favorite stuffed animals or other personal items. Set aside food and water for your pets for the trip, because they'll be a little bit anxiety-ridden by the changes.

When the moving truck arrives, whether from the moving company or a rental truck, make sure that it is legally parked so that there are no risks of damage to the truck or nearby cars. There should also be plenty of space to pull out the ramp and access it without risk of dropping things. Finally, when packing the truck, pack it tightly so that nothing shifts when the truck is in motion.

Once everything is out of the house, it's time to clean things up. Take time to gather up any trash and dispose of it, then vacuum the carpets and clean the floors and counters. Remember that you want to leave the house in inspection-ready condition, especially if it's a rental property.

While you're cleaning, look for any last-minute repairs that need to be done. Treat scuffs on the walls with an eraser cleaner or something similar. Patch any small holes left behind after taking pictures down, and address any other issues that your landlord might have issues with.

Moving Into The New Place

Before you move anything into the new place, do a complete walkthrough. If it's a rental, have your landlord with you so you can identify any potential issues or things that need to be addressed. Check to be sure that all of the utilities are working, and look for the best path to move things into the house, especially if you have large furniture.

Spend time talking with everyone who is going to help with unloading. Give everyone a clear path to follow so that they know what they're doing and how to get things where they need to go. It's best to get furniture and boxes straight into the rooms they belong in to make things easier for you when you're settling in. Otherwise, you're basically making twice the work for yourself because you'll have to move the boxes again during the unpacking process. Finally, inspect everything as it comes off the truck for any signs of damage. If you hired movers, you'll need to report this damage immediately.

When you tackle your move with a solid plan for the day of the move, you will have a better chance of getting through the whole thing with less stress. Talk with your movers or the friends helping you well in advance to be sure that everyone understands the plan and you have everything organized and ready to go. For more information, take a look at the site here, or similar sites.

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