Defining Short Term Storage Vs. Long Term Storage

Companies that offer short term storage solutions are unique in that they generally expect customers to store their stuff for a short time, pick it up, and move it elsewhere. Yet, how short-term is short-term? How does it differ from long-term storage? Obviously the length of time is at play, but how much time? This, and more, is answered below.

Long-Term Means Indefinitely

Usually, a long-term storage facility takes leases for a year at a time. Customers are free to renew when the lease period is up. Long-term, in this case, means indefinitely, or until the customer or proprietor terminates the contract/lease. Termination on the proprietor's part is often due to lack of payment, or to breaches in the lease contract (customer is storing mass quantities of food, guns, etc.). The customer's termination is often due to finding cheaper storage units, or moving long distances.

Short-Term Confined to Set Period

Short-term storage applies to contracts that are shorter than a year in length. The storage company or proprietor does not offer renewals, simply because that would negate the purpose of short-term storage leases. One month, three months, and six months are the most common short-term lease periods for this type of storage. Proprietors do not terminate contracts because they are short-term, and they do expect renters to move out at the end of the lease because they already have someone else lined up for the units.

Short-term storage is often used by many a long distance moving company. Customers may be relocating within the U.S. for a short time, or they are military personnel heading overseas for a brief tour of duty. It is also common to store belongings with a moving company's storage partner so that when moving day arrives, the movers only have to load the contents of the storage unit and truck it to the new property. Whatever the customer's position, he or she only needs storage for less than a year. 

Which Do You Need?

If you are uncertain as to the length of time you need to store things, it is often better to choose long-term storage. Short-term storage works best for those that know, with absolute certainty, the amount of time they will need to store things. Additionally, prepayment for short-term storage is common because the contracted time is so short. Expect to pay upfront for your unit for the number of months you need it. Otherwise, long-term storage offers the flexibility of monthly payments.Contact a company, like Cusick Moving & Storage, for more help.

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