Tips For Packing Up Your Home Office Desk

Getting ready to move, but have a home office that you are taking with you? If so, your desk plays a key role in getting your job done each day. Here are some tips for moving a desk and making sure that nothing is damaged in the process.

Desk Preparation

While you may be tempted to leave things in the drawers of the desk, you need to realize that it is going to make the desk much harder to move. The desk is already pretty heavy on its own, and packing the drawers full of other items will add unnecessary weight to the desk.

That is why you want to unpack the items in the drawers and pack them away in boxes. It helps to label each box with what drawer the contents came from. If you have multiple drawers in a single box, use a piece of cardboard to separate the box so that the items do not get mixed together.

If the desk drawers are easy to remove, you can even take each drawer out and wrap it with plastic wrap. This will keep the contents of each drawer together, reduce the weight of the desk, and makes it much easy to put it back together one you move in.

If the desk drawers do not come out easily, you can wrap the entire desk with plastic wrap to prevent the drawers from sliding open. If you have a lock that prevents the drawers from being opened, lock the desk to keep the drawers closed.

For a wood desk that can be damaged, it helps to wrap your desk with a moving blanket so that the corners do not get hit during the move.

Loading and Unloading

Your large desk should be one of the last items to be placed on the truck and the first items off. That's because the rear of the moving truck, near the front of the cab, should be filled with boxes. The heavy furniture is placed near the door and makes it easy to take off the moving truck. You can also secure the desk to the side of the moving truck using straps so it does not slide around in transit.

You could stack items on the desk if necessary, but make sure they are stacked securely. Loose items can fall and damage the top of the desk if it does not have a protective layer on it.

Ask moving & storage companies for more tips on moving your desk from a home office.

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