Buying Furniture With A Money-Back Guarantee? Rent A Storage Unit To Help

When you buy a home and move in with some existing furniture while purchasing new pieces to fill in the space, you may go several years without making any additional change. While you may have functional furniture that meets your family's needs, you may want to buy new furniture that not only gives your home a new look, but that also brings new or improved functionality as well.

If you are only planning to buy furniture with a money-back guarantee, you should think about renting a storage unit before you start making furniture purchases.

Clear Out Home

Normally, when you want to buy new furniture for your home, you will need to move your existing furniture to another part of your home. This can lead to clutter either in living spaces or in storage spaces such as your garage while you are getting everything set up.

Being able to clear out your home of all the furniture you intend on replacing is something that you can accomplish when you rent a nearby storage unit. Getting a moving truck when signing a lease for a storage unit is a major perk that will give you a way to deliver all the furniture at once.

If you want to rent the smallest storage unit possible, you should put time and effort into disassembling the furniture beforehand. This will help you reduce how much space every piece takes up and then you can measure it all inside your home to help with picking a unit size.

Make Purchases

Once you rent a storage unit and store your furniture, you may feel confident enough to make all the purchases that you want to make. Without a storage unit rental, you may have only wanted to buy a piece or two at a time to avoid having to get rid of so much furniture at once.

When you get rid of furniture, you may feel hesitant to take advantage of a money-back guarantee because you would then be without furniture in your home until you find replacement pieces. This makes it so helpful to have a storage unit nearby where all your original furniture is located because you can always bring the essential pieces back to maintain a functional home.

If you are getting a money-back guarantee with the new furniture that you are going to buy for your home, you should rent a storage unit to make it easier to use the guarantee if needed.

To learn more about self-storage facilities, reach out to a storage company. 

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