3 Ways To Make Your Long Distance Move More Affordable

If you are planning to move across the country, the best way to get the job done is to hire long-distance movers. They can handle the entire process for you, which includes driving the truck to your new home. However, it's normal to want to find ways to reduce the cost of a long-distance move so it doesn't have as big of an impact on your wallet. Here are some tips that will help make it more affordable.

Downsize Your Belongings

There is a big difference between how local and long-distance movers bill for their services. While local movers will charge you by the time they take to complete the move, long-distance movers will base it on the weight of all your items. This is done by weighing the truck before and after the move to figure out exactly how many pounds of belongings that you have.

This means that the best way to reduce your moving cost will be to downsize your belongings prior to the move. It's always a good idea to purge things before moving so you do not take things that you do not need, but this is especially true of a long-distance move. Go through the things you own and consider donating, recycling, or selling the things that you do not want to take with you. Every little bit adds up in the end, you're better off doing now than at your new home.

Find Recycled Boxes

You are going to need plenty of moving boxes for your move, and the price of each box can add up quite a bit. It is worth looking around in your area for recycled moving boxes that you can get for free or very cheap. This doesn't mean using recycled boxes from odd-shaped items but actual moving boxes that are uniform in size. There is no need to buy new moving boxes when those that have been used once will get the job done just as well. You will be surprised at what shows up in online classifieds from people looking to get rid of the boxes they used instead of throwing them away.

Ship Your Car And Fly

If you are moving very far across the country, you may be surprised at how much it ends up costing you in gas, hotels, meals, and other unexpected costs related to the drive. Since your moving company is taking your stuff, this means that you do not have to drive with them. Consider having your vehicle shipped to your destination and then taking a cheap flight instead. You'll save a lot of time, and it could end up being cheaper as well if you are not traveling with family. 

Reach out to long-distance movers like those at Men On The Move to start planning. 

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